Registered players

IX Open del Borgo - Open A > 1999 (Torino) : 2024-01-10 , 2024-02-21

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This page contains the players that joined the tournament using the service offered by this site. However the players can register using alternative ways. The whole list of actual registered players can be found here.

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The ratings are those at the moment of the registration and will be updated by the arbiter.

NNameFedByearTitleFIDE RtgFIDE IDNat. RtgNat ID
1 SORCINELLI FRANCESCOITA1981M20018144662001102175
2 GOLA GIORGIOITA2007CM206728359112067167730
3 TRIPODI ENZOITA2003CM211928226742119156015
4 BRIATA FEDERICOITA1998CM21088741242108137003
5 Bringas Osuna, Ivan JarekMEX1990211951113150
6 FASSIO LUCA CESAREITA1976CM19648065101964105743
7 MORDIGLIA RICCARDOITA1968CM20248047032024102203
8 ROTONDARO ALBERTOITA2006CM205628359382056167733
9 Alibabaei, SasanIRI19992025125875400
10 MANCO DAVID JONATAN ANDRESITA19891N19718982441971148030