Registered players
11° Rapid "Scacco al Marrone"

11° Rapid "Scacco al Marrone"

2023-10-15 - 2023-10-15

This page contains the players that joined the tournament using the service offered by this site. However the players can register using alternative ways. The whole list of actual registered players can be found here. The ratings are those at the moment of the registration and will be updated by the arbiter.

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NNameFedByearTitle/CatFIDE RtgFIDE IDNat. RtgNat ID
1COSTAMAGNA CRISTIANOITA19693N0234017101580111975
2MARLETTA SIMONEITA2013NC1449285719911449196543
3UBERTO PAOLOITA1978NC138828612031388174236
4MOSCHETTO GIULIANOITA19712N15788366801578103242
5BELLIARDO LUCAITA2011NC1320285599161320194192
6BIANCO RAFFAELEITA1982CM20388127492038101059
7MOSCHETTO GIULIANOITA19712N15788366801578103242
8PRANDI MARIOITA1971NC144828421601448162942
10ISOARDI MATTEOITA1996000201928